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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Elliott's Pizza

Tonight my son, Elliott, who is 14 asked me about making a pizza. "Where's the stuff for my pizza Mama?" I used the crust on the Garlic-Onion Mini Rolls the other night, so I told him I'd make him a crust. I couldn't reach the little box that holds all the baking stuff, like yeast. So I called out to him for help... He says, "In a minute, Mama!" So... I wait. I go back to the computer and poke around my recipes. He finally comes in and says, "What are you doing? I want to make my pizza!" I got him to help get all the stuff for the pizza together and he walks out, again! I made the crust for him and hollered for him again...

I activated the yeast in 110 degree water and 1/4 tsp sugar for 8 minutes, then combined with the 1 3/4 cups a/p flour and 1/2 tsp salt... following my thin pizza crust recipe.

... my hands covered in dough! He yells, "WHAT?"
Hmm! hmm! hmm! (That's me humming to keep from killing him!) I finally get him back in the kitchen to help... I was holding a clump of dough that was now stuck to my hand, in between my fingers and trying to oose out of my hand due to the heat. I got him to spray the pan so I could put the dough ball down and work with it (after washing my hands). As I was working with it, I told him how to do it and he says, "My hands aren't clean."
Hmm! Hmm! Hmm! "Wash your hands Elliott!" He does and then he turns to me and says, "Stop it. You're messing up my pizza dough!"

I had to snap this quick...
He kept putting him hands in front of the camera!
Teenagers! LOL

Earlier this month, I had some pizza sauce left over. Here's handy little tip... I froze what was left in popsicle molds. I removed them from the molds, into plastic bags and back in the freezer. I told Elliott to get two of the frozen pizza sauce blocks and pop them in the microwave. He says, "What sauce? That's not sauce!"
"Yes, it is Elliott... just put it in the bowl and melt it in the microwave!"
He put the sauce on the dough. I said, "Next the pepperoni..."
"No Mama! Cheese is next!" He reaches over, then looks at the pizza, back at the cheese. He grabs the pepperoni and says, "Next pepperoni! Bahahaha!"
"Funny Elliott!"

I had forgotten to preheat the oven... I know, bad mama! So, I turned it on to 450 degrees.

He adds the cheese... and says,
"How about add some basil or something... otherwise it will just taste like cheese!" I agree and ask "What else do you want? Maybe some oregano also?" "I don't know Mama! You're the chef!" as he's gesturing rabbit ears in the air! Hmm! Hmm! Hmm! (Humming, remember?)

So... I add basil, a little oregano and some kosher salt aaaaaand he's walked out again! Hmm! Hmm! Hmm! Well, I'll wait on the oven to come to temp... I go back to the computer to go through some more recipes. He comes back in about 5 minutes or so and says, "Um Mother!?! I don't mean to criticize your cooking skills, but my pizza won't cook unless you put it in the oven!" I'm thinking 'my pizza... unless you'... what?!?! AND WHAT DID I DO???!!!??? I got up and put the stupid thing in the oven!!!

He did slice it when I called him and told him that it was done... and he ate every last piece! :-)

Well... I will say that it looked and smelled good!


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    1. Mary! Thank you so much for the comment... I've never written a blog as a conversation before. I had Craig read it just now to tell me if it sounded ok... he was giggling... I took that as a good sign! :-)

  2. Oh My Word! I just LOVE this, Lynn! ~smile~ So glad you were there to help him a little bit! lol Lot's of <3 and hugs sugah!