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Saturday, April 21, 2012

My Great-Aunt Vashti's Browned Squash

Last night, I attempted once again to re-create an old family recipe... My Great-Aunt Vashti's Browned Squash! To get the intense browning that she did, I have to cook it low and slow on the stove-top. If the temp is not just right, it will burn and you'll end up with a bitter flavor. I discovered that I don't have the patience to cook this dish often! It took me 2 hours to even get close!

I started with yellow squash and zucchini
(because I packaged them together last year in the freezer)
Aunt Vashti only used yellow squash...
I added 3 T butter, minced onion, basil, garlic powder,
red and black pepper, salt and a little lemon juice.

After stirring and cooking for 2 hours, it looks like this...
in all its caramelized goodness!

 We also had pork chops...

and Red Beans and Rice :-)

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  1. Sugah Dumplin' you ROCK! You are a bundle of Southern deliciousness! Something about the fact that you have a Great-Aunt Vashti just tickles me plumb pink! :) xoxo