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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

I really had my mouth set on a Rueben, but...

A long time ago, my Dad had an old black man that worked a crew for his construction company. Doc had no idea how old he was or when is birthday was. He was born at home and had no birth certificate. He also could not read. My Mama, who ran the office decided to appoint him a birth date and celebrated his birth day each year.
One week, Daddy had the men out of town working. They had finished the job and done an outstanding job. Daddy decided to treat them to supper at a steakhouse. While waiting in line, Doc asked my Dad if the restaurant served fried chicken. He told Doc that he didn't think so, but he'd ask. When it came time to order, Dad asked the lady if the had any chicken. She responded, "No... we only have steaks." Doc looked at her and said, "I really had my mouth set on chicken, so give me the closest thing you got!" He smiled at her and walked away! She stood there absolutely dumbfounded! My Dad ordered for Doc and they enjoyed their meal.

That being said... I've had my mouth set on a good homemade Reuben sandwich for quiet a while now. I just knew when we went to Florence yesterday, I'd find some corned beef! NOT! I found some Black Forest Ham and decided it was better than nothing.

So today, I decided to make a Fake Reuben...

Dummy me forgot the Rye Bread, so I made it on white. YUCK!

I couldn't find my German Mustard, until after I made the sandwich and was putting everything up!

A Fake Reuben in not better than nothing!

I'm going to the store to shop for church supper.
I'm getting some rye bread and corned beef even if I have to buy that processed stuff in the little packets!

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