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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Raw Fries

In the South, raw fries are kind of like homemade potato chips. However, they are not always served crunchy... Raw fries are potatoes that have been very, very thinly sliced with a mandolin or a very sharp knife. They are fried in oil... sometimes double fried. Some people know them as 'home fries'. At my house, the hubby likes them golden brown and crunchy, served with two sides... ranch and ketsup. My son and I like them a little more soft... medium or limp served with vinegar. If we eat them with wings, I like to dip them in the wing sauce.

1 or 2 potatoes per person

Wash the potatoes and slice them very, very thin, leaving the peeling on the potatoes. Place them in ice water until ready to fry. Heat oil to 350 degrees. Carefully drop a handful of potatoes at the time in the oil. Do not overcrowd or they will boil and not fry. Fry until potatoes are at the desired texture.

If you want, medium raw fries or a little soft,
take potatoes out as soon as they being to turn brown.

For crunchy raw fries,
leave the potatoes in the oil until they are golden brown.

 Medium on the left...



  1. LOVE raw fries, which my grandmother called home fries, but her technique was a little different... they were not "deep fried" but pan fried. She layered them in a cast iron skillet with chopped onion, adding salt and pepper to each layer. She turned them several times in the oil, then covered the skillet and cooked them till they were almost done, then took the cover off and fried them till they reached the desired degree of doneness. I LOVE THESE POTATOES! Perhaps it's partly for sentimental reasons, but whatever the reaso, they are my TOP-FAVE comfort food, perferably with either pork chop or chicken milk gravy, lots of black pepper! :) Health food... Love ya Sugah! xoxoxoxo

    1. That sounds wonderful Michele! Sounds a lot like the way my Grandmama Bradham cooked them... lots of black pepper! :-) I love them with sandwiches (like Reubens! surprise, surprise! LOL) and with wings!
      But potatoes are like your favorite pair of jeans... they go with ANYTHING! :-)
      Love ya Sweet Lady!!!

  2. Very interesting recipe, Lynn! Then the secret to the crunchiness is to retain the skin of the potatoes, thank you for such a great tip! Pinning to try later