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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

D Bar Desserts in Denver... funny story!

I really had a lousy day today! I had a Dr's appointment at 4 pm in Florence, SC (about 1 1/2 hrs away). We discussed with my doctor the fact that my insurance denied my treatment this month and that I need to change things up. I have to get all my records to the new Dr in Florence and figure out treatments options before I can get any relief. We got home about 8pm...

My son, Elliott said that we had some stuff delivered, and I remarked that I new that a package was coming for Mitch. My step-son had a package delivered here for his wife. There anniversary is today... Elliott said, "No! There is another one!" Craig went and looked and said,
 " Lynn, this one is for you. It's from ummm d... d Bar... desserts?"

"Oh My Gosh! Oh My Gosh! Oh My Gosh! Eeeeeeeeeeeeeee! (squealing like a little girl) It's Keegan's d Bar!!! (that was me) He actually dropped the box when I screamed! There are not used to seeing me get the hyper! LOL

I actually took pictures! I'm soooooo excited! The Almonds are my favorite! ... and the shortbread cookies... oooooh so buttery! ...and Keegan's picture. I was just beside myself... OMGoodness! What a surprise!

What could have been any better after a very bad day?!?!?! I've felt so bad, but this was just heaven sent!!!

Elliott was on the phone with a friend (a 14 year old girl, Emily... a Food Network addict). He told her what was going on and she was squealing over the phone! "NO WAY!!!"
Something about the owners and  d Bar Desserts...

"Keegan and his wife Lisa do so very many good things for people - like the pediatric cancer patients that they help with cookies, cupcakes, balloons and remission parties. Lots of other things too. They both have hearts bigger than Texas!" ~ Michele Gerhard

"Very early on we knew a few things we wanted d bar to be but most was decided once we moved here and lot of it not until right before we opened. We designed our logo and the interior first. Next, we wrote a mission statement for d bar which best explains why we want d bar to exist:

Food is a connection. D Bar is a destination dessert dining experience created to put people at ease – a culinary sanctuary where this connection can take place. D Bar dining is about memories. The food, service and surroundings will serve to rekindle fond food memories and naturally inspire the formation of new ones. Our ultimate goal is to serve, inform and entertain. We aspire to inspire." ~ Keegan Gerhard & Lisa Bailey

This was in my card :-)

"By day, D bar is a casual pastry shop/cafe - a great place to grab a bite from the pastry case or a menu, hang out or order a cake or pastries for a special occasion. At night it becomes more of a dessert and wine bar with the plated dessert menu starting at 5p.m. being a focus of the p.m. service. Our coffee, wine and savory menus are available all day and night. Come by and see us!" ~ d Bar

This could not have come at a better time in my life! Thank you so much Keegan and Lisa for ALL you do!


  1. Lynn, thank you sooooo much for bringing this to my attention! Since I wasn't online at all yesterday after the first post, there's no telling how long it would have taken me to run across it! I'm all teary-eyed, of course! This is much more than a "thank you" - it's a beautiful tribute to Keegan and Lisa, and therefore to Keegan's mom :) I'm tremendously proud of both of them in many ways, but the fact that they are such great people with generous hearts pleases me the most! Love you more than you know, dear friend! xoxoxo

  2. You know it was my pleasure and privilege to write this blog! I am so blessed, and I needed to be reminded of that that day! Your are a dear friend and mean more to me than you will ever know!!! You can't imagine the timing on this. Thanks to Keegan and Lisa also! You should be a proud Mama! You have raised them well, and Keegan is lucky to have found someone like Lisa to share his life and passions! Be well and stay in touch!!!