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Saturday, April 21, 2012

My Little Garden

For those of you that follow me... you know that I have had problems with my goat getting out and eating birdseed after tearing down the feeders. She has completely destroyed and eaten my pink rose bush, and last night she got into the water irises in my pond!!!

Well, I was bound and determined to have my garden! With no tractor or tiller, it's hard work to prepare and plant a garden, especially with all probability of the goat eating the dadgum thing!!! The hubby came up with this idea...

 My little garden on stilts! :-)

I have a friend that calls it a
Goat Jungle Gym!!!
...not funny Rich Fletcher! :-)

I planted basil, leaf lettuce, radishes, dill and cilantro. This morning while taking the dog on her walk... I checked on my seeds, and I found this :-)

If you click on the picture to enlarge it... 
you can see a little green spec in the
center of the picture! That's a basil plant :-D

I can't wait until my basil grows enough for me to make pesto!!! Something I've never done because I have never had resources to have that much fresh basil on hand. I used dried basil practically on a daily basis... so it will be a treat for me to have fresh on hand!!! I found this wonderful step-by-step recipe and guide on how to make your own basil pesto. Click here for the link...Basil Pesto

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