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Thursday, April 19, 2012

MoonPie Banana Pudding

Yesterday, I made Dixie Caviar's Moonpie Banana Pudding for my church's Wednesday Night Supper Crowd. I believe that it went over quite well... I didn't have any left and I didn't get any either! LOL I had several people tell me that it was good, but I would have to say that the jewel in my crown was little 6 month old Owen. He was grinning from ear to ear eating his Mama's banana pudding! Now that is a ringing endorsement if I've ever seen one. A child can't lie about food... you can see it in their facial expressions and their eyes! You could see it in his entire little body... Mmmmmm!!!

Well, I had Elliott with me (my 14 yr old). A storm was on the way and I would not let him stay at the house alone in severe weather... which he scoffed at several times! He helped me cook, which he hasn't done in quite a long time. He always complains, but he ends up having fun anyway! He decided to come up with a seasoning mixture that he could season some hamburger with and cook when he got home. He rooted through the herbs, spices and seasoning blends, asking me occasionally, "What's this stuff?" I told him, "Smell it! If it smells good, use it! If it doesn't, leave it alone." Well, he finished his seasoning... I was making chicken pot pie, so I gave him a piece of chicken to try it out. (I tasted it too and it was pretty darn good!) He also tried it on a cucumber slice I was cutting up for the salad. He remarked, "Wow! That's a little spicy, but that's ok! The cucumber has a cooling effect! See Mama, I've learned something cooking with you!" LOLOLOL He's a TRIP!!! At that point he made me take a picture with him. He calls this our Steven Tyler pose... 

Wow! The stuff this kid gets me to do!!! LOL

ANYWAY... back to the dessert! It uses a pudding mix, but it's mixed with heavy cream that's whipped to stiff peaks...

Ingredients... I made the pudding mixture
the day before and let it sit overnight.

Heavy Cream and Vanilla...

The pudding looks like mustard... LOL
It's just made with less liquid than usual.

and now the star of the show... 


... and bananas!

...and finally, the pudding mixture! :-)

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  1. Sugah Dumplin' if this ain't Southern, I don't know what is! And I'm sure y'all were drinkin' R C Colas to wash it down... xoxoxo