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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Good Tuna Salad... but it's not Pizza!

Well, the Memorial Day Weekend is over but the drama is not... 3 flat tires and 2 kidney stones!

We went to Florence on Friday for my appointment and as I figured, I have to do all the wonderful test over again... doctor says that it's close to being a year since the last anyway. So, it's just a little earlier than usual for me. We decided to go to Walmart and Sams, kind of window shopping, and wasting time until 5pm when Rebel Pie opened for business. I was so excited to go to this pizza place. I've heard so much about it from some of my foodie friends. But alas, it was not to be...

Fixing to leave the parking lot at Walmart...
a lady taps on my window and says, "Honey, you got a tire goin flat!" 

"Seriously, Mama?" 

Elliott calls this... multitasking :-) 

"Daddy's doin what he does best... supervision!" 

"Oh Lord! She's gonna post this on her blog!!!"

OK... tire changed! On to Rebel Pie in Timmonsville... I forgot toothpaste, so we stopped at Dollar General where I asked the clerk how to get to Rebel Pie. I had forgotten to write down the street address. The clerk wrinkled her nose at me and said, "I ain't never heard a such a thang!" Turning to the clerk next to her, she asked, "You heard of a Rebel... What was it? Rebel Pie?" No one knew what it was or where it was located. We rode around a bit and asked a few more people to no avail. Elliott needed a bolt for his dirt bike, so we stopped at Weatherly Hardware. I asked them about the pizza place nearby. Again, I got the frown and wrinkled up nose look. I was starting to feel rather stupid for asking, when a teenager seated behind us said, "I think I know what you're talking about..." He proceeded to give us directions. FYI... it's more in-between Florence and Timmonsville than "in Timmonsville". Make sure you make note of the street, and maybe Google the directions before heading out on a 1 1/2 hour journey like we did... I felt stupid because Timmonsville isn't that big, and I went to college in Florence. I am familiar with the area, and I couldn't find a "famous" restaurant!

Well, we now know where the place is, but I still have not gotten to try the pie! It was getting late and we had another tire that was going down! We had to abandon the pie idea, get to the store for fix-a-flat and head home. Upon arriving home, somehow the movie we rented had gotten knocked on the floor. Miley, the dog, thinks that if it's on the floor... it belongs to her!

She even ripped the case in half and ate the corners!

*Sigh* Oh well... didn't get my pizza... haven't gone grocery shopping because I expected to get to eat out! I made tuna salad.

I love this little gadget! I grated all the eggs
in less than a minute and cleaned it in about the same amount of time!

Tuna and eggs... 

... a squirt of mustard, a big spoonful of relish and salt and pepper. 

Don't forget the mayo!


*SIGH*...but it's not pizza!

Saturday... I had to take Elliott to Sumter to work. When I went to pick him up that night, my tire (that Craig said he "fixed") blew out... luckly about 100 yards from the driveway of the farm where he was working! Now I'm not going anywhere... 3 flats means that there can't be a spare! Elliott looks in the back and says, "Mama, this tire is fine! It was leaking because Daddy didn't have the cap on it!" 

DON'T get me started on that!!! My Daddy would have a HISSY FIT if we ever lost the caps to the valve stems on the car tires. All mine are missing off the van, which caused many discussions with the hubby. He says, "It doesn't make any difference! That's not the problem!" My response is...(Daddy's voice ringing in my ears!)... "If it doesn't make any difference, then why do they have caps????? Put my caps back on and leave them on!!!" 

Elliott changed the tire and it has been fine... with the cap on it!!!

Sunday... Craig and Elliott go to the lake to work on a boat they are getting basically for free. They have to get it running to move it and we have no trailer for it. They come back, 'madder than a wet settin hen' because the motor is locked up... which means a lot of wasted time and no boat! So we had southern slaw dogs and watched the Charlotte Race that night...

Yummy! But still not pizza!

Monday... Craig told me to go to town for the groceries for Wednesday Night Supper when he got home from work. The tropical storm that came through was supposed to be at its worst on Tuesday. While unloading the groceries after my trip. The church phone rang... When I answered it, it was Elliott telling me he had called an ambulance for his Daddy! Oh Lord what now?!?!?
When I got home, he was moaning with tears in his eyes. Long story short... (too late! LOL) he has two kidney stones! One is still in the kidney, which is swollen, and one has dropped and is too big to pass (5mm). Ouch! He is in misery...

Elliott and I went to the hospital and when we went in... he looks at me and says, "That tuna salad! I'll never eat tuna salad again!"  I said, "It was not my tuna salad that did this! I ate it and there's nothing wrong with it!" He says, "Yeah! But you didn't have to taste it when it came back up... NASTY!" I said, "Yeah... it wasn't pizza!"


  1. Such a bummer! But now that you know where it is, I hope you'll go back. Damn fine pizza:)

    1. I intend to... I have another appointment in two weeks. I hope to get by there then! :-)

  2. So sorry you had such a terrible series of circumstances. I hope Craig gets to feeling better. BTW, I can tell you feed Elliott well! He is growing up. He's looking more like a man than a boy.

    1. Thanks Kellie! Some days you just have to laugh, or you be in the corner crying and waiting on the little men in white coats to come get you! LOLOLOL
      Elliott is growing into quite a young man... shocks me sometimes when I sit back and watch him. You know the days when you look at your children at a distance maybe playing with other children and you realize they are growing up right under your nose! Slow down and don't rush that bedtime... they'll be grown before you know it! :-)