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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Nice trip! Walk much???

I was "chatting", on the computer, with a sweet friend that is overseas working for a while. My friend asked if I slept well... let me back up and say because of the time difference, I say good morning and my friend says good night :-) My answer was, "...not really. I fell last night, and I'm kind of sore!" This was met with genuine concern and an inquiry as to whether I was alright or not... I tell you that to tell you this...

Yesterday, the hubby gets home and lets the horse in the back to graze... of course the goat follows and the dog whines and barks to go out and play... This goes on for a while, so I let the dog out to play, which can be a pain, because it can be hard to get her back in and away from the goat who is totally harassed and tries to head but the dog over and over again to no avail. ANYWAY! I get the dog back in after an hour of play and go about my night. It's getting late (dark is about 8:30pm now) and I check my email one last time before retiring to watch the rest of the Celebrity Apprentice that the hubby taped from Sunday night... (I wanted to watch Frasier reruns.) ANYWAY! I'm checking my emails and hear a BIG SIGH!!! This is what I see beside me at the back door...

I can tell by her expression that she is tired of waiting on Daddy to come put her up and feed her! I tell the hubby to put her up and he says, " a minute." Time goes by and he's going to bed, so he yells down the hall, "You still have your shoes on! How about go put Tilly up!" I respond, "WHAT??? It's past 10pm! Why is she still out???"... Silence... So I get her feed and a flashlight and head out the door. The path to the stall is not the best. There are weeds, branches and I have to cross a wire fence. I turn on the only working flashlight to find a dim yellow hazy glow, which is no help at all. Walking under dense cedar trees, the path is dark even in broad daylight. So, at night it becomes blind man's bluff! And of course, Miley the dog, is right on my heels! "Where's the goat? Where's the goat?" as she's sniffing and zig-zagging around the path... I can hear Tilly trotting up behind me blowing and snorting for her food. I get her in the stall and lock the barn door behind her. She's already at the feed bucket where we have a window cut so we can pour her food in from the outside... I step up on the concrete block and pour in the feed. I go to step back and didn't realize that Miley has come back around and is standing beside me. I step to the side and Miley cuts my legs out from under me... down I go! At this point, she is sitting by me looking at me with her head cocked side-ways as if to say, "What are you doing down there???" Apparently, dead cedar needles are very abrasive because I have what looks like road rash all down my left arm!

As I relay this to my SWEET friend, I get a reply back... "I would have love to seen but it sounds funny..." I replied back, "Yeah! That's what my husband said... except WITHOUT the sorry part."

The last time the stupid dog did that to me, I was putting the gate up in the hall so she couldn't get in the bedrooms, and she got between me and the gate. Well, we got tangled up... I wound up falling backwards into the bathroom. I had to just lay there and laugh... with the dog looking at me with her head sideways! She has a habit of getting under my feet!!!"

Even right now... you can't tell, but her feet are
up against the leg of my chair!

She can be a little intrusive... 

This isn't a food story, but because of being sore, I'm not doing a bunch of dramatic cooking or recipes today! LOL This is about all I feel like making right now, but I sure would love a big ole steak and cheese sub and Greek salad from Tony's Place!!!

Multi-grain sandwich round, mayo, ham, lettuce,
tomato slices, cheese and a little mustard
and sweet pickle relish on the bottom!

Side view :-)


  1. Oh my goodness , I'm trying not to snicker but... you know I love ya :)

    1. :-) I had to laugh at myself... so go ahead! LOL