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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Frying Chicken Breasts for Sandwiches...

I recently did a post on Fried Chicken Cutlets for chicken club sandwiches. Last night, I cooked them again and photographed the process. Click on the link above for the full recipe.

To begin with, I cut the bottom (narrowest) end of the breast off and then split the upper part of the breast in half.

I placed each piece, on at a time, in a plastic bag
and pounded them out...

... to about this size.

I covered them generously with kosher salt and red pepper.
Don't worry, they won't be too salty or hot. It just adds flavor!

Then soaked them for a couple of hours in a cup of buttermilk.

Wrapped and ready for the frig...

 I went back to the shake n bake method...
put the flour, bread crumbs and seasonings in the bag,
add the chicken and shake!

Frying up real nice... 
don't crowd the chicken or it will boil and loose it's crust! 

All done! 

Mine became a sandwich... Elliott ate his plain :-)

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