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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Celebrating Birthdays!

My beautiful Mama would have been 68 years old today!!! We always kind of combined Mother's Day and her birthday and had one long celebration. She finally bought a time share at the beach for her birthday. During the week of her birthday, she spent it at the condo at the beach, or should I say ON the beach! She eventually bought a more permanent lot with a trailer on it so she could pick up and go to the beach anytime she wanted! She spent her life doing for others, and now it was time to spend a little time just for Judy! Of course, she took me with her a lot! :-) We all liked spending time at the beach, even tho it could get pretty crowded at times! Mama could make any time or place into an event to be remembered! The last time I talked to my Mama, she was getting ready for a meeting to discuss our small town festival (The Possum Trot!) and it's events... She was forever planning a party!

Mama and Daddy in the early '80s

I found a note (below) to me in Mama's recipes. Mama always had the opinion that you do what you need to do and take shortcuts when you need to, to get the job done... That doesn't mean that you tell everyone your shortcuts!
When my Grandmama Elliott turned 80 years old, Mama hosted a surprise party for her. She had me and my cousin, DP run to town and pick up two shefflera trees for the the dinning room where she had the food set up. "Miss Ruth" came over to Mama during the party and commented on the beautiful trees. Mama looked at her and said, "Actually, I owe those beautiful trees to the hard work and care of Lynn and DP!" Miss Ruth was flabbergasted, "You're kidding!" I looked at Mama with a puzzled look I guess, because she leaned over and whispered, "Just say... I just did what I needed to do! Because that's the truth!" She backed up and smiled and winked at me before she returned to the party.

My cousin, DP (or as Mama spelled it Deepy!)
The buffet table behind DP was actually a pull out table
that seats 12 people! Neat!!!

Mama's Note to me...

Judy’s Homemade Mayonnaise 
"Duke's Mayonnaise at Piggly Wiggly!"
"Not worth the trouble to make, in my opinion."
"But if you have to try it.......this one's not bad...."
Pour 1/4 cup oil into blender. Add 1 tsp vinegar, 1 tbsp lemon juice, 1 egg, dash salt, and 1/4 tsp dry mustard. Cover and blend. While blender is running, remove cover and add another 3/4 cup oil in slow steady stream. Remove to jar and refrigerate.
Mama's table... I still have those lace table cloths
and the actual table also!

One of the trees, in the dining room, in front of the windows...


From left to right...
Uncle Rentz, Aunt Margaret (Grandmama's daughter)
Cousin Touton, and Cousin Mac 

My Daddy on the right (Little Billy) then Uncle Dargan (eating)
Cousins Michael and Tommy (2 out of 4 of Aunt Margaret's boys)

 Grandmama Elliott sitting in the living room beside
one of the trees that DP and I went to town to pick up!


  1. What a beautiful, sentimental post. Your Mom sounded like a gem and an inspiration! I'm drawn to people who make life a continuous celebration. :) Thank you so much for sharing your memories!

    1. Thank you so much Kimby! That makes my day! :-)

  2. What a beautiful birthday story!!! You are richly blessed to have such beautiful memories and photographs! Thank you for allowing us to share your pleasure :)

  3. Fun times! I guess Miss Judy instructed Mac to dress up???

    1. Well, you know Mama... just a look would have said it all!!! LOL