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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Mama's Coconut Cake

My Mama made a coconut cake that was a favorite at any and every event! It was so moist and delicious that everyone that tasted it wanted her to make them one personally. Very few asked for the recipe, because their's never came out the same as hers. I don't even have the recipe and as much as I have searched through every scrap of paper, recipes and cookbooks, I've never found her recipe. I do however know what the difference was between hers and all the look-a-likes out there... This is a good basic coconut cake recipe: Basic Coconut Cake Recipe

Mama made a filling that was very light and simple, then kicked up the outer icing and coated it with shredded coconut. BUT the main kicker was, she always sprinkled Coconut Amaretto on the trimmed layers to add a completely elevated flavor and incredible moisture!

One day, I'll get it right... I hope! I sooooo miss her coconut cake!!!


  1. My Aunt Linnie used to make the best cakes in the world. One of her tricks, which could have been your mother's, was that she made the 7-minute icing, using the clear Kayo syrup.
    I've learned to do that and there is NO icing in the world better than this. Emilie in NC

  2. Emilie,
    you are right!!! No matter how good the white/vanilla icing is, it cannot touch the 7 minute icing!!!

    Frances in Arkansas

  3. beautiful recipe and love the icing it always has to be 7 minute for me too xoxo

  4. What is 7 minute icing?


  5. My beloved mother ,Gladys always made g=her Holiday Coconut cake with ,the milk drained from a coconut and the cake had & minute frosting .It was a labor of love and my beloved father's very favorite!