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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Chicken Caesar Wraps

Earlier this afternoon I posted on Facebook:

"It's really bad when you love to cook like me, and you've grocery shopped for food for the next week and a half... and you can't make up your mind about what to cook...

I now have a roast with potatoes and portabellos in the oven... Chicken done for the Chicken Wraps... and everything ready to put together the Chicken Caesar Pizzas!

Hmmmmm! I wonder what we are having for supper???!!!???

So I made a decision that since everything was ready for the wraps and they wouldn't take anymore cooking time (and I was starving), we would have Chicken Caesar Wraps for supper. I put back the stuff for the pizza, and everyone knows that pot roast is even better the next day. It had another hour to cook anyway! :-)

I also must confess that I found a kit for the wraps made by Mission Foods. It had 12 wraps, Caesar Seasoning and Caesar Dressing. It was priced at $3.59 and had a peel off coupon for $1.00 off! 
Romaine Heart was $1.33
Chicken Boneless Breasts $1.53
Tomato $.69
and I had the cheese on hand (that was optional since the dressing has the cheese in it also)
Soooo a meal that made 12 chicken wraps costs $6.14! 

An Ice-Water Bath Crisps the Romaine! It was a little limp...

The Caesar Seasoning, water and shredded chicken...

The finished product! Viola!!!

I still have leftovers, so this could be another meal... 2 meals for $6.14 ain't bad!!!

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