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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Rumaki... Sort of

I posted a rumaki recipe not too long ago.  Bacon Roll Ups

By definition, rumaki is a hot Hors D'oeuvre consisting of a strip of bacon wrapped around a slice of  water chestnut and a bite-size piece of chicken liver that has been marinated overnight in a soy sauce-ginger-garlic mixture. Sometimes the water chestnut slice is inserted into a slit made in the chicken liver. This combination is skewered with a toothpick before being grilled or broiled until the bacon is crisp. I love liver, but the kids like the cocktail sausage or the shrimp. Well, all I had was the sausage...

So, this past weekend the kids came over and I made these pretty large appetizers...

The fixin's... Water Chestnuts, Cocktail Sausage,
Bacon and Teriyaki Sauce!
They are wrapped with bacon...
and ready for the oven.
All done and YUMMY!!!

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