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Monday, October 18, 2010

"Quantity Recipes"

While rummaging through my cookbooks that I inherited from Mama, I found a skinny little brittle one. "Our Favorite Recipes... Pinewood Methodist Church." Written on the first page was, "To Judy Elliott... From Aunt Ester, 1968" One of the last sections was 'quantity recipes. One is an actual recipe that doesn't give clear direction, but if you were cooking for a crowd on a regular basis, you'd probably know already. It also doesn't tell you exactly how many it feels, but it's a LOT! The other is more of a menu telling you what and how many to fix... Enjoy this little blast from the past.

"Some time before flirting became extinct, when letter writing was an art, stationary was engraved, and dinner was an event." Dash Goff, the writer.

Brunswick Stew

25 hens, cooked, boned and cut
5 lbs pork
6 gal peeled onions
8 gal cut corn
3 cups salt
1/2 cup black pepper
1/2 cup sugar, if desired
10 lbs boned beef, cut
21 gal peeled potatoes
12 gal peeled tomatoes
3 gal Lima beans
4 lbs butter
red pepped, to taste

Cook hens, beef, pork, potatoes and onions until the potatoes are cooked and free of lumps. Add other ingredients. Cook in big iron pot approximately 8 hours. Stir constantly.

Picnic Meal for 100 People

20 Chickens
2 Hams
9 doz deviled eggs
9 doz pimento cheese sandwiches
7 qts pickles
5 gal potato salad
20 pies
7 cakes
1 lb tea
2 lb coffee

Now that's a picnic! :-)

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