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Monday, February 3, 2014

Trish's Caramel Apple Dip

My cousin, my best friend Trish and I finally got a chance to spend some time together yesterday. As teenagers, we spent as much time together as possible. She lived about 1 1/2 hours away. My Mama used to drive me down to spend some time and usually bring Trish back with us for the weekend. At least once or twice a year, her entire family would come to our house for a big whole hog BBQ/Pig Pickin. 

When I got my driver's license, I used to drive down and pick her up. When she and her twin brother graduated high school, I attended the ceremony, and took her back to her house for the celebration. As a present for graduating, her Dad gave her a bottle of Slow Gin and her brother a bottle of Jack Daniels. That sounds odd, but her father was a very unique man to say the least. She spilled Slow Gin all over her dress in my car, and we had to stop at a gas station for her to change her clothes. I brought her home with me, and we had an awesome party with friends that weekend! I caught her and my ex (Bud) kissing. I started to throw my drink at her, but she held her hand up and screamed, "NO Lynn! I'm wearing your blazer!" Bwahahahahaha!!! We both busted out laughing! Good times! 

Well, she came up yesterday and brought her grands... three month old baby, Karah and three and a half year old Brantley! The hubby was having a blast! He played ball with Brantley and even got rocker time with Karah.

Trish made us a dessert dip that was so good. The hubby said that it is dangerous! Every time I turned around he was in it! LOL

Trish's Caramel Apple Dip

2 - 8oz pkgs of Cream Cheese, softened
12oz container Caramel Ice Cream Topping
12oz bag Milk Chocolate Chips
1/2 cup chopped nuts (she used pecans)
3 lb bag Granny Smith Apples

In an 8X8 dish, spread cream cheese. If needed, heat the caramel in the microwave just until pour-able. Pour over the cream cheese layer. Sprinkle on chocolate chips and nuts. Core the apples and cut into wedges. Use the apples to scoop up the dip. Dip, eat and repeat! 

Me and Trish... and my photo bombing horse, Tilly!


  1. Hello -- I'd love to make that dip, but I have a question -- If I make it in advance to take to a potluck, do you think it would have to be refrigerated? I'm wondering if the caramel ice cream topping would get too hard. Thanks.

    1. It depends on how far in advance. If it's just a few hours, it should be ok. If it's the day before, you should refrigerate it. Just let it sit out and soften before the potluck.