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Monday, July 29, 2013

A Southern Belle's Rant... to Anonymous!

I've been agonizing over an email that I received this morning... from "Anonymous" no less!!! I'm compiling several blog posts that I have written on Southern Cooking and Soul Food. They all contain information on the history of Southern Cooking and Foods. The links are at the bottom of this post. That being said...

I am a Southern Belle with very strong ties to my Southern Roots. My Family History and Southern Heritage are a great source of pride for me. Southern Style Cuisine gets a bad rep from time to time... with Fat, Butter and Sugar being criticized at every turn. That's fine with me. You eat what you want, or don't eat what you don't want. Like it or don't like it. Love it or hate it... it's your call.

So, who peed in my corn flakes this morning??? "Anonymous", that's who. Someone not brave enough to leave their name... on my blog post about my baby brother's famous pizza... and I quote!!!

"Pizza is not southern but it shares a few major characteristics of typical southern fare: yummy but heart attack inducing. I feel fat after just looking at the pics."

#1... Knocking my baby brother's pizza is a BIG no no! If my Mama were still alive, she would find you Anonymous! BTW... I have the same knee-jerk reaction, since I took care of him after she died.

#2... If I told my baby brother that someone left a note on his lit'l Sis' blog insinuating that our food isn't southern, he'd be in his pick-up blaring Hank Jr's "Country Boy Can Survive!" demanding, "Take it back!"
(at the least... that's what he'd do.)

#3... My daughter-in-law, that had her wedding portraits taken in her breathtaking wedding gown, camo hat and rifle... would demand, "Take it Back!"

#4... My Mama was Southern. My Daddy is Southern. My Grandparents were Southern. My son is Southern. I am Southern. My kitchen is Southern. The food that comes out of my kitchen is Southern. Getting the picture?

My Grandmama Bradham, My Mama,
Me and My Son! Four generations of Southerners!

#5... I am NOT saying that a Southerner created the pizza. If you are a Northerner, and think New Yorkers created the pizza... NOPE. If you think that the Italians created the pizza, NOPE, wrong again. The Italians are the first recorded to have used the WORD "pizza". Foods similar to pizza have been prepared since the neolithic age also know as the Stone Age, beginning about 10,200 BC. Records of people adding other ingredients to bread to make it more flavorful can be found throughout ancient history. For more info on the history of the pizza... Click Here!

For more (calm and rational) posts on Southern Food and History choose any of the links below! :-)

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  1. I've made it a practice, to never read anything "Anonymous". They go straight into the trash can. I once held a political office, and that was my rule. If they were too chicken to reveal who they were, I wasted no time reading the junk. Sorry it happened to you.

    1. Thanks! I've had it happen before, and I've ignored it. This one involved my baby brother and that struck a nerve I guess! Don't poke the bear kinda thing! LOL
      Thanks for your comments!

  2. Love it!!! Give it to em Lynn! Nobody gets to fooling with a Southern Gal and gets away with it! My Grandmom (Portuguese) used to cook with Lard! She lived to be 80!!! People make me laugh, what they dont understand is that it's the PROCESSED food they eat from their Lean Cuisine box that is causing people to be sick! Eat REAL food Anonymous, Cook a Darn Meal for a change! That way you wont have so much time on your hand to write stupid emails!
    We LOVE you Lynn keep Passing on your wonderful Legacy! We LOVE IT !

  3. First of all let's me just say that I will forever be using the phrase, "....who peed in my cornflakes this morning!" That phrase itself proves that you're southern! I'm from Arkansas and I've never heard it before, but will be using it for the rest of my life!
    Second, I've noticed a lot of women (probably northerners of perpetual dieters) who get on these food related sites and blogs and always making claims about something being heart attack inducing or containing too much fat! I can't remember the blog, but it was a terrific article about "buttered coffee." Buttered coffee was not new to me since as I child I remember having it in Arkansas. I also know that some Asian communities also indulge in this delicacy, but what pissed me off was some chick talking about how we already have an fat nation and this would only add to the problem. Of course, I just had to point out to her that she took an innocent article about something that someone wanted to share with us and made it into a rant about obesity and fat people. There was no way in hell I could see how she made that connection. Anyway (I'm ranting!), ignore that person. If they don't have the guts to leave their name it's not even worth getting serious about it. Plus nobody is twisting her arm to eat it. Looks delicious to me!

  4. Well, I'm a Northerner (Ontario Canada to be exact) and I'm loving your recipes and your blogs, whether they originate in the South or not!! As for the "anonymous" rant, ignore it. You should never feel the need to justify, explain or defend yourself or your way of life to anyone and those who admire what you do, don't give a hoot what anyone else says!! Bless you and keep up the good work!!

  5. LOL there's always the one idiot in the crowd isn't there? Love your approach to it. They really aren't worthy of anymore than a good laugh. Gotta say I LOVE the picture of your daughter in law. That one would be framed and on my wall! :)

  6. Gotta love your Brother's Pizza! Better than any of that cardboard slice stuff I see around. I was raised with southern cooking and southern lovin. Sounds to me like little miss/mr anonymous could use a little of both (maybe their attitude would change a bit) Cause it is makes for a Good life -and usually happy people (unless you rub us the wrong way) Don't get your dander up over someone that must be mighty hungry.

  7. My grandmother, who immigrated from Italy in the early 1900's told me they did not have pizza like ours in Italy when she was living there. She said they would stuff their baked bread with vegetables. That was as close to pizza as she had.
    Some people critize no matter what. I guess we have to ask ourselves if they are worth the energy! I loved the comment about peeing in your cornflakes. I have not heard that one...but I am not a southern. However, I love your recipes!

  8. Dang girl.......tell us how you REALLY FEEL! Love it! (Bless his heart!) :)

    Kathy W.

  9. If a person goes on a southern food site to complain about the recipes, maybe that person is a troll. There are many healthy food sites out there, if you think just looking at a photo will give you a heart attack, then find your healthy site. BTW, any food can be "Southern" if you add your southern touch. Heck, I have seen Asian and Kosher food with a southern kick!!!

  10. Preach it Sistah! I'm with ya and ya know it! I'd be proud to eat your brother's pizza. Someone just had a case of the can't help its and was wanting someone to share it with. They were just mad because they couldn't it that wonderful pizza! Love your Southern blog, your Southern Style, your Southern ways and you, my sweet Southern Belle!

  11. Please tell your brother that my family and I thank him for creating this pizza. And thank you for posting it. Southern traditions are based in family and if I tell my family that I am making this pizza "THEY ALL COME A RUNNIN!". On another note most "southern cuisine" is based on french sauces and african cooking. If I put bbq pork on the pizza does that make it southern?
    Please have a wonderful day and don't sweat the idiots on the internet.

  12. Love your post!! You go girl! I saw that pic of pizza on the bottom of your blog (Charlie's Pizza) and have been looking for the recipe . I came across this post. Shame on the person that can't leave their name . That pizza looks delicious! Love your blog and all your recipes look wonderful!!