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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Culinary History for the 4th

4th of July at the Cabin

The Elliott family always has a big BBQ for the family reunion on the 4th of July. Years back it was held at "The Cabin", way back in the swamp behind my parent's and Grandparent's homes. Oh, the memories that it all brings back. The men would get together early in the morning and BBQ a whole hog over live coals. The women would bring the side dishes. I remember Mama and I rolling lemons and making the fresh lemonade. 

At the end of the meal, you could hear Cousin Mac yelling "Ice Cream! Come get your ice cream!"  Some of this was before my time or I just missed out on the fun. My cousins, Kathy, Deepy and David remember most of this. I do remember the cabin and the hill going down to it. The hill was so steep that you couldn't see down it until you had crested the top. That hill could be fun, especially if it rained. More than once after a good rain storm, a car would come sliding sideways down it. One year, the kids were sliding down the hill. It was Deepy’s turn to slide. He started down the hill and Kathy noticed a car coming and hollered at Deepy to lay down. He did and the car ran over Deepy.

One year, Cousin Kenneth was driving Uncle’s El Camino. He had Tommy, Deepy and David on the tailgate, when he hit a mud hole and threw them out the back.

There was Uncle Louie, who fell out the boat. He had to be towed back to the bank because he was too big for them to pull back into the boat.

There was Cousin Ann trying to teach Kathy how to smoke...

After Daddy put in the pool at the house, we made it a tradition to go back to the house after the reunion and go swimming. Mama used to make a big plastic gallon pitcher full of her poolside lemonade in the summertime. She would put it in the freezer and it would turn to slush. It was like a lemon-lime daiquiri, but slushy not icy. She’d get her raft and a big glass of ‘Lemonade’ and float for hours.

One hot summer afternoon, Deepy and Charlie were swimming. Mama was floating on her raft soaking up the sun. Her lemonade was over by the side of the pool. Everybody was enjoying the water and the lemonade. About that time Charlie said, “Hey, Uncle!” Mama looked up and Uncle was walking over to her glass. She paddled as hard as she could but he already took a gulp. He set it down and said, “Now, that’s the best lemonade I’ve ever tasted! Got any more?” Mama said, “Well, thank you! But Sorry! That was the last glass!”

This is her recipe:

Judy’s Poolside Lemonade

1 12oz can frozen Lemonade Concentrate
1 6oz can frozen Limeade Concentrate
36 oz 7-Up
1 fifth Bacardi Rum

Mix ingredients in gallon pitcher. Freeze until slushy (at least 24 hours).
To serve: Stir with large metal spoon (mixture will freeze on top, but the center will be soft). Spoon into plastic glass.


  1. In the last picture... That yellow tupperware pitcher in the freezer is holding "Lemonade", I'm sure! :-)

  2. Okay... as I was saying an hour or so ago... I LOVE your post! As you know, family culinary history is very dear to my heart! What you wrote reminds me of a long-ago 4th of July weekens spent with dear friends who helped organize a progressive party around a lake near McComb MS. It started out with Bloody Marys and went from there... Actually, there was some great food, but everyone remembered and talked about the Bloody Marys and the bottomless Daiquiri glasses served by a Delta pilot at his cabin. Apparently he was just sneaking up behind folks refilling their glasses. Best daiquiris I've ever had! And of course, a couple of the guys just HAD to have a swim across the lake. Mercy, mercy, mercy... Looking forward to your next post, Lynn!

  3. Thank you so much Michele for sharing your story. If you haven't noticed, you have inspired me to share these "Culinary History" posts. They are a combination of the recipes from my cookbook and stories from my family short stories book. Thanks so much for your input!

  4. You're most welcome! Any time... and your "4th of July at the Cabin" reminded me that I forgot to post "Refreshing Lemon Libations". Apparently we make a good team!

  5. Y'all make an Amazing Team!!! Lynn, I just LOVE this post! Lawdy Chil this was a great one! I can visualize all of it! Thank you for sharing you Treasured Recipe and Precious Memories on Thursday's Treasures! I Love them all! How do I get your books Lynn? I definitely need them!
    Michele, LOVE your Precious Memories, too! Oh, what fun it would be to sit with y'all and drinking Judy's delicious lemonade as the memories are passes around and refilled as fast as the Delta pilot refilled glasses. Love ya both, Darlin's! <3 and hugs!