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Friday, March 10, 2017

Simply Citrus and My Meyer Lemon Tree

About a week ago I received this message:

"Lynn, CONGRATULATIONS you have won the drawing for the Meyer Lemon Tree from Simply Citrus Nursery. Give us a call for a time to pickup your new tree."

I cannot tell you how excited I was and still am. I was at home watching the girls while their parents attended a funeral, so the Hubby went in my place to accept my tree. We have been talking about adding more fruiting trees to the property and this is perfect! He also got the full tour of the nursery! Here are a few pictures of the Hubby and Ben. (Mary is behind the camera.) Thanks Ben and Mary for your hospitality and the beautiful Meyer Lemon Tree! It has found it's forever home and is happy beside the pond.

 Ben and the Hubby (AKA Craig)
and our Meyer Lemon Tree!

 Beautiful Oranges!

 Citrus Trees
 More Oranges!
Craig took these pictures with his phone.
I think it was a bad time of day.
Sorry they are a little blurry.

More fruit trees!
About Simply Citrus:
We are a small, family owned Citrus Nursery that began as a hobby and turned into a full time business. We serve the public homeowner, primarily in the Columbia, SC and surrounding area. We offer a wide selection of Citrus varieties, mostly Satsuma types and a small selection of unusual plants and trees. I have been working with citrus since 2000 and have educated myself with the help of friends and research. I try to be as knowledgeable as possible about our products, and experience is a good teacher. We have lemons, limes, navel oranges, mandarin oranges, kumquats and several more. 

Our Meyer Lemon Tree beside the pond...

 Blossoms and baby lemons!

 Here's a BIG baby lemon!

This tree is loaded with fruit!

 I am loving this tree!
Thank you so much Ben and Mary at Simply Citrus!
Please click on the link above ........ ^^^
for more information on their
nursery and their trees! 

PS... My son, Elliott freaked out a little with the blood orange. He asked if the orange was still good. I told him, "It's a blood orange." He looked at me sideways and said, "Blood Orange? Is it ok to eat? Will it hurt me? Not hurt me, but... Is it good?" Goofball! I have never tried one, so I could not give him a lot of information. I said, "If you don't trust it, google it!" He started to peel it and the look on his face said it all! (Cool!) He was grinning the entire time he was peeling it!

He says, "Yep! Looks like blood!" His opinion... "It's different, kind of hard to explain. It taste like an orange with a little grapefruit flavor." That's my boy!

PSS... Mary and Ben...Congratulations on getting Craig to try a kumquat! He's never eaten one, and I've never been able to get him to try one!

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