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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Farm to Table Outing... Hill Creek Farms, Midnight Rooster and Gardner's General Store!

My foodie friends and I had another Farm Outing this past Saturday! We had such fun bouncing around the pastures following John Rodgers from Hill Creek Farms and checking out his grass fed, Black Angus Cattle.

Hold on Caroline! Mary's driving!

Even the cows stopped to watch 
Mary driving through! :-)

The tags tell their age.

Did you ever notice that the trees in a pasture like this
all seemed to be trimmed at the same level?
That's because that's as high as the cows can reach!

One of the big boys!

Hey Ladies! It's raining!

They are hard to see in the rain,
but all those black dots in the grass are geese! 

One more look before we go pick up the
beef orders and go to lunch.

Our next stop...

I didn't get a picture of the "Cherry Bomb" that one
of the girls ordered. I guess it was too good! LOL

A wonderful place with lots of character!

 We had a "courtyard table" reserved just for us
compliments of the owner, Suzanne Galloway!

My first Mexican Coke... made with cane sugar! Yum!

My lunch...
Fresh Mozzarella, Tomato and Basil on Focaccia Bread!

The Crab Cake Sandwich!

My friend Mary 
had the specialty Quiche!
BTW... The Pickles are awesome! She let me have one! :-)

Last stop of the day... Gardner's General Store!
I loved this place! Another place with lots of character!
Very friendly and knowledgeable staff!

Lot's of fresh products from local farms!

I had a blast looking through all the jars!

OK... I will admit that as the Naviguessor (navigator/guesser) on this trip, I screwed up and got us turned around three times!!! In my defense, the map Mary printed out didn't give all the roads and names. One of the directions took us past the farm! But the girls will have to admit, I did NOT get us lost!!! We all had a great time... fresh beef and good food!

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