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Sunday, April 20, 2014

2nd Annual Adult Easter Egg Hunt Party

This pasted weekend, I hosted the 2nd Annual Adult Easter Egg Hunt. No... by "adult", I mean that this was an Egg Hunt for big "kids". Last year, I shared with my friends that the Hubby and I hide eggs for the kids as usual, but my son stared a tradition of them hiding eggs for the hubby and me. I got such response to that, that it wound up leading to the 1st Annual Egg Hunt for Adults! So we decided to make it a yearly event! :-)

Well, this year the weather turned on us! It turned windy, cold and rainy. Did we cancel or postpone? No way!!! We had good food, great friends and family, yummy desserts and even got in the egg hunt... slightly chilled and damp, but happy! :-)

I have included links to 8 of the recipes for the food pictured in these photos. Click on the links highlighted for the recipes! Enjoy! :-)

The food island...
Pulled pork Sammies, Ham and Swiss Sliders,
Stuffed Meatball Subs,
(Click the links for the recipes.)

 Kendal was not to be left out!

 Elliott and Kendal hunting eggs.

 Elliott seems pleased with his finds.

 Granddaddy and Kendal hunting eggs.
Actually, Kendal's cheating because he and I hid the eggs! LOL

See! She's following his hints! LOL 

 KENDAL!!! You dropped something!

Uuuuhhhh Ooooooh!!! 
The other adults had been giving her their eggs too!
She's such a flirt!

 Granddaddy! Help!

Good thing they are plastic!

 Jack and Kendal playing...

It's hard to believe that Kendal will be 2 years old in June,
and Jack is only 17 months old!!!

Hi Marley! (2 1/2 months old! My big girl!)

Elliott's cuddled up with Kendal... Everyone's tuckered out!

 Pulled Pork for Sammies!
(Click link for the recipe.)

 Elliott's Easter Eggs that he colored...

 Easter Egg Bark and Hazelnut stuffed and dipped cookies.
(Click link for the recipe.)

(Click link for the recipe.)

 Snack table...

(Click link for the recipe.)

(Click link for the recipe.)

It's been a long hard day but very fun and exciting!
I wonder who put who to sleep? LOL 

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