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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Skillet Fried Corn with Bacon

I have the most wonderful BFFF (Best Foodie Friend Forever!) Mary at All Things Food - Cooking with Mary and Friends did a "foodie drive-by" at my house Monday morning! Bi-Color Corn is on the menu for tonight! Yay!!! I've had some before that Mary got from the Kershaw County Farmer's Market, so I know it is awesome corn! Thanks Mary!

I used The Southern Lady Cooks Skillet Fried Corn recipe as a guide last night with my bi-color fresh! I added some garlic, added the bacon back to the corn and left out the sugar, because this variety is very sweet, and OMGoodness! It's like food crack!!! My husband and I could not stay out of the pan! Luckily, my son ate before he came home! LOL Definitely a keeper!!!

Click on The Southern Lady Cooks
link above for the full recipe!


  1. It looks absolutely beautiful Lynn and I know it is just as good. Thank you for blogging about my recipe and I hope you enjoy it many more times in the future.

    1. Thanks Judy! I made it again today! I've even made it for my Wednesday night church crowd and they want corn made like this every time I serve corn! :-)

  2. Never heard of this recipe it looks like a must try, I am hooked on your recipes Lynn they all look so good I have printed out at least 20 so far <3