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Thursday, October 25, 2012

A Bum's Rum (Chocolate) Cake

For a while now, I have been telling you about these wonderful cakes from A Bum's Rum Cake. They are the best rum cakes, hands down, that I have ever eaten! They had a contest on their Facebook page and ...

"I Won! I Won! I Won!!!"

My Chocolate Rum Cake has arrived!!!

This is such a professional job by A Bum's Rum Cake!

Simply gorgeous packaging!!!

... and my son gets ticked off for my prolonging the process.
He says, "You better start clicking pics fast,
because I'm tearing into this sucker!!!"

Beautiful... Notice he's moving so fast that he's a blur! LOL 

Such a beautiful cake, and so moist that it shines!
The flavor is a perfect combination of chocolate and rum.
It simply melts in your mouth !! 

He sliced a piece, stabbed at it with his fork,
and it kept falling apart.
Rookie mistake... "Son, read the label."
He reads, "So moist you'll need a spoon!... Oh!"
So he goes for the fingers!

So, good that he licks his fingers! :-)

A Bum's Rum Cake, a big ole cup of milk
and Mama's picture in the background! :-)

The cake came in Tuesday afternoon
and only 1/4 of the cake was eaten that night.
I got home Wednesday night, and this was all that was left!
I went in my son's room, and before I could say anything...
 he laughed and then went and ate the rest!

What better testimonial than a teenager???

For more information visit A Bum's Rum Cake. Order a vanilla, chocolate or coconut rum cake! Better yet, order the Halloween Trio Special for a wonderful deal! Click here for the Halloween Trio Special Deal !!!

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