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Saturday, September 26, 2015

Just For Fun ~ What it takes to make 15 Gallons of Mama's Slaw

30-32 large heads of Cabbage
5 lbs of Carrots
3 or 4 gallons of Mayonnaise
(Depends on the yield from the cabbage)
1 bottle Lemon Juice
1 bag Sugar
Salt and Pepper
Multiple Coolers and Zip-Loc Bags

3 stations:
Peeling and cutting Carrots and Cabbage
Grinding Carrots and Cabbage
Mixing (Notice that I had to use one of the babies' chairs
 as a stool because the bowl/tote was so big! LOL)

Elliott took the pictures, 
but he was on the Cutting and Peeling Station.
The hubby was grinding and I was mixing.

And, THIS is the look I get 
when I try to tell him how to do something! LOL


  1. Whewee that's a lot of cole slaw!!! Y'all did it like rock stars!!

    1. Thanks Mary! It was a labor of love for a family struggling with medical bills from a terminal cancer patient! They had a great turn out and hopefully it made a difference! <3