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Saturday, July 11, 2015

Cooking with Charlie! Zucchini Alrfedo Boats!

I love my baby brother. He is a good cook! Mama taught us both to cook. I can remember him sitting cross-legged on the counter beside the stove cooking eggs... the prettiest fried eggs you have ever seen. If a yolk broke, he would say, "Uh Oh! Broke!" and dump it in the trash and start over! LOL

I got a call saying that Charlie (my baby 'brudder') was cooking, and I needed to come take pictures so my followers would know how it's done right. Did I mention he is also modest??? (Rolling eyes here) He used the zucchini that I brought (I was given the zucchini by my BFFF Mary over at Cooking with Mary and Friends) to make Zucchini Alfredo Boats! But first, a little bit of munchies while the 'boats' are in process!

 Zucchini Chips in the making!

 Seasonings and Parm Cheese Toasted and Crispy!

Do you think they are good?
This is just after Christy and I went after them!

 Now, let's get serious! He scooped the insides out!
He made a hamburger and mushroom mixture
and of course it has cheese!

 He added more Parmesan cheese on top!

 Baked until browned and the zucchini is soft.

 Topped with an Alfredo Sauce and more cheese!
Baked until browned!

I was not even hungry, and I ate the whole thing!!!

My Baby Brudder, Charlie!

I'll work on a complete recipe soon! Not easy to follow the master in real time! LOL

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